Biografie uli fischer lives and works in Berlin  Studied textile design at the University of Applied Sciences for Design in Hannover, Germany Studied and graduated in fine arts at the Academy of Visual Arts, Braunschweig, Germany whilst touring the US and Mexico  Residency in the USA, studying at UCLA and working as colorist with RainbowTextiles  and  as assistant of the Canadian artist Michael Hayden in Los Angeles ,  Return to Germany, since then living and working in Berlin art work and projects Screenprint on untailored articles of clothing   Monochromatic colour painting on various image carriers focussing on the square.  The reduction on the essentials as well as the interaction of object	and space is of central interest  theatre and film work   Various projects as freelancing set designer and art director  art project 'Laden für Nichts' Berlin/Germany    Founding of a non-commercial exhibition venue called  ’Laden für Nichts’ (Shop for Nothing)  located in Berlin-Kreuzberg  Collaboration with guest-artists on space-related exhibitions.  For more than 6 years continuously presenting exhibitions with 20 artists  Catalogue-production with and by artists of ’Laden für Nichts’, supported by  Kunstamt Berlin  First exposure to traditional fabrics of Southeast-Asia and tribal art. Travels and expeditions within Indonesia, Thailand and Burma           founding of the gallery ’Kunst und Primitives ’ – tribal art textiles -  Exhibition concept: Tribal Art in dialogue with contemporary fine arts  6 exhibitions at gallery ’Kunst und Primitives’ 2 exhibition in collaboration with Kunstamt Berlin/Wedding at Galerie Nagel, Berlin  re-orientation Focus on own artistic interests discovering textiles as artistic medium  founding of the producers gallery ’art of textiles’ located in Berlin-  Exhibitions  Künstlerhaus Göttingen                                                                              11.01.-11.02.2018 solo presentation- ein endloser prozess -                                              Kunsthaus Dresden                                                                                    02.09.-28.01.2018               group show - THE EVENT OF A THREAD - Heilandskirche Berlin Tiergarten                                                                         11.02.-25.03. solo presentation  - ZEUGNIS - Universitätsklinik Ulm                                                                                 26.10.-31.01.2017   solo presentation uli fischer - STOFF DES ALLTAGS - Mario Bermel Fine Art Paris                                                                                  13.10.-23.10. group show uli fischer, Nikoai Makarow, Robert Pan Kunstverein Pritzwalk                                                                                         07.10.-29.10.                   solo presentation uli fischer  Heidelberger Kunstverein                                solo presentation uli fischer - was ich immer schon sagen wollte - Foyer Theater Heidelberg                            -Installation- 1000+1 Geschichte ( stories they are never told ) Galerie Remise Berlin (DE)                             Angelika Studios London (GB)               group exhibition -ellipse- Böke Museum - Leer/Ostfriesland (DE) two artist show                   - STOFFLICHES  -    Claudia Kallscheuer & uli fischer 26789 Leer (DE) Galerie basement - Vienna (Austria)                                                     group exhibition   "Kunst-Stoff-Art" (Material/Materie) Max-Planck-Institut Berlin                                                                                  solo presentation "weiche Spuren - harte Ecken" - 30 objects (2009-2013)  Zhejiang Art Museum - Hangzhou (China)                                                    member of the Hangzhou-Triennial of Fiber Art atelier uli fischer                                                                                                      nicht gesucht......aber gefunden (two artist show – textile objects) uli fischer former Berlin/West - Christa Jeitner former Berlin/Ost ehem. Galerie art of textiles, Berlin                                                                   textures – sounds & visual Objects Rilo Chmielorz, uli fischer canvas Atelier, Berlin                                                                                               two artist show - paintings and objects uli fischer  Assemblagen und Collagen, Sadik Uslu  Malerei Galerie Mutter Fourage, Berlin-Wannsee,                                                        two artist show – paintings and objects Irene Warnke paintingsi, uli fischer assemblages and collages TEXTOUR event in Hannover (Germany)                                             Aufstand der nichtsnutzigen Textilien (Revolution of the rags) group exhibition nationale and internationale artists documented by a catalogue                                                    Web-Work , member of the project of Silvia Breitwieser Exhibition and projects at Produzentengalerie "art of textiles" " interaktion I - IV work in progress 2010" Projekt mit vier Ausstellungen in einen Zeitraum von 12 Monaten dokumentiert in dem Katalog "uli fischer interaktion I - IV" neulich vor hundert Jahren -                                                              tendenz vertikal -            patina (traces of life) -                                                                                textiles -                                                                                                          japan indigo  -                                                                                              

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